Rules for The World Superbike Series makes the rocket powered beasts of the international paddock look a little more like the machines we can buy.

The Superbike silhouette has been highlighted with replica headlights and to avoid the disadvantage of all that comes with running lights, high quality printed graphics are used to give the appearance of a headlight. This gives the designers free reign with colours and styles as long as the essential shape is maintained. Here at RatMally we like to add a few flares and lighting effects to make the light stand out.

The products are actual size and will fit in place of lights on your race fairings. Produced from flexible vinyl with a tough laminate. These beauties are going to last.

Fitting is simple with a peel and stick method. To achieve the perfect finish you may need to warm the graphic to stretch around curves but don’t worry if you need a second shot at the fitting, we use a forgiving material so you can simply peel off, heat to heal and reposition.